No one likes to think about dealing with plumbing problems;

however, if you own your house, you will periodically have to deal with issues such as leaks, clogs, and installing water hookups for new appliances and fixtures. For this reason, it important to have a home plumber you can trust.

We utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help clients receive the settlement they deserve for the following types of damage and property loss: Some homeowners are tempted to handle plumbing repair and installation tasks by themselves.
Unfortunately, most lack the experience to handle these tasks properly. An improper installation or repair job can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in additional repair costs and can even cause significant water damage to your home.

Hydrotech offers

reliable, fast home plumbing services for residents throughout New York City. Because our plumbing company has been in business for more than so many years, we have the knowledge and experience to handle virtually any type of plumbing project. From simple drain leak repair to sewer line rooter service, Hydrotech has you covered. We can also install and move plumbing supply and drain lines for major additions and remodeling projects such as kitchen remodels and pool installations. Our technicians will work with your local contractor to make sure that our plumbing services fit in with your installation or remodeling schedule.

Hydrotech provides service to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Our technicians handle the smallest and largest plumbing projects for your home or business.

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When it’s 95+ degrees outside, isn’t it great to escape from the heat in a nice, cool home?

Hydrotech can keep your central air conditioning unit working to its full potential through our yearly maintenance services. If you are having trouble with your cooling system, we can solve the issue and return your home to its former cool sanctuary. Call us when you need help repairing your cooling system or upgrade to a new, more efficient system.


If you are experiencing problems with your heating system,

Hydrotech has the expertise to solve them. During the spring and summer months, the maintenance of your heating system may not be the highest priority on your to-do list, but it is important to take care of any potential problems before the winter arrives. From hot water heater repairs to complete furnace overhauls and energy efficient upgrades, we are committed to ensure your home is ready for the winter months.

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